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a website by Random Tandem, a business located in the United Kingdom

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Today there are vast numbers of people who enjoy playing the guitar and other fretted string instruments.  Some have had the benefit of a strong musical educaton, whilst others are mainly self-taught.  Possessing great ability and superb equipment is unfortunately no guarantee of commercial success.  Our A to Z player listings are linked to YouTube videos which other users have kindly uploaded - so there are quite naturally less clips available for lesser known players from earlier decades.  More names will continue to be added, to draw attention to the best or most original players.

For most students learning to play a musical instrument, having regular access to an experienced music teacher can help open up a deep awareness of different musical styles and how popular taste has changed over time.


Across their playing career, some performers like to stick closely to one particular style, whilst others develop a range of tastes at various points along their journey.  A smaller group of particularly gifted players become, at an early age, more familiar than most with the diverse heritage music offers.  Such players are able to successfully blend together elements from different spheres and forge out their own unique style.  Sometimes their playing can be technically difficult for others who would like to mimic their success, but for others while it can appear simple, nobody else had previously thought of whatever it is they do.