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a website by Random Tandem, a business located in the United Kingdom

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The Fret Zone website is designed for students, experienced players, and armchair enthusiasts of guitars and other fretted instruments.  Our mixture of technical information, practical advice, and social news, is intended to help smooth your musical journey.

Live Concerts, Gigs and Tours

Latest news on planned dates and venues for live appearances by the greatest players of fretted string instruments, whether solo, leading their own band, or supporting another artist.  Plus we aim to have early details of festival locations, including information on how to find out more - in case you want to be considered for appearing on the bill.

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Want to hear some unusual scales in actual musical situations?


Check out


Got some far-out whacko tunes of your own that use mad scales, to which you want to draw attention?


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We've been delayed in rolling out the upgrade of this site, but are now back on the case and treating it with high priority. Please bear with us over the next few weeks as we install the improvements we've promised.  He hope to make the site easier to navigate for you, include some additional links to other sites you may enjoy, plus include some relevant news content. We do hope to keep disruption to a minimum while the changes are put into place.


We also plan to start using cookies. if you do not wish to accept cookies, please do not use this site.

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A few of the movies scored by composers born during the month of August include:


Alexandre Desplat – Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009); The King’s Speech (2010); The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Isaac Hayes – Shaft (1971); Truck Turner (1974); Ninth Street (1999)

Ray Heindorf – Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942); A Star Is Born (1954); The Music Man (1962)

James Horner – Aliens (1986); Braveheart (1995); Titanic (1997)

Basil Poledouris – Conan the Barbarian (1982); RoboCop (1987); The Hunt for Red October (1990)



If you've seen the films, how about seeing if you can work out on your own how to play some of their tunes?

August is traditionally a time of festivals, and when classical orchestras and other musicians go on tour. Often this can provide exciting opportunities to see and hear artists performing locally and at bargain prices, so do check out your local listings to make sure you don’t miss out on something good that’s scheduled to take place near to where you'll be.


Also, most of the venues for classical music will have announced their schedules for the forthcoming season, with tickets now available. It is always a good idea to book well in advance to make sure of getting good seats.

Visit our instruments pages to see images of some different types of fretted instruments, plus various artists performing in YouTube clips we've embedded.  Part of the joy of YouTube is that by viewing any of those clips you should then be able to access further similar clips and begin your own exploring.  As part of our upgrade of this website, we also plan to include a glossary of some musical terminology, along with links to some manufacturers, collectors and retailers.

Our current chord fingerings for guitar are generally aimed at advanced players.  We shall soon be adding material suitable for beginning and intermediate players, plus other instruments.

We've collated more than 30,000 images onto our Pinterest boards, so please do go ahead and browse.  As well as our strong musical interests, you'll find art, transport and much more.


Don't worry if you aren't already familiar with Pinterest, because it's very easy.  Similarly to other popular social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, you need to register using an email address.  Then you can look at the pictures other members have saved.  If you decide you want to keep track of a few, to view again later maybe, you can either "like" them, or easily add them to one of your own boards which you can create, or you can follow the user or their board to keep track of what they add next.


We've also created several public playlists on YouTube, so please feel free to check those out too.